Sunday, November 4, 2007

Under the Persimmon Tree

This is primarily about 2 characters, Nusrat and Nujmah . Najmah is a young Shepard girl in Afghanistan and Nusrat is an American woman who converted to Islam, married an Afghani doctor and moved with her husband to Pakistan. The story takes place just after 9/11. Najmah's father and oldest brother are taken by the Taliban and forced to fight. Her mother and newborn brother are killed shortly after her brother and father are taken by a bomb that hits their house. Najmah makes a long dangerous journey to a refugee camp in Pakistan and eventually meets Nusrat. Nurat's husband Faiz is at a clinic in the story but eventually is found out that he died when the clinic was accidentally bombed. Nusrat teaches a school in her back yard under a Persimmon Tree.
The two characters find each other in the story and help each other through the hardships of war. Eventually Najmah's older brother finds her at Nusrat's and they decide that despite the dangers they will return to their home. Najmah's father's last wish was that she and her brother stay at their farm. They decided to fulfill that wish. Nusrat learns of her husband's death and decides to return to New York to make peace with her family.
The story is not exactly up lifting but it is a story of hope. The people continue living with their lost loved one's in their minds and their actions are influenced by those that died.
The regiment of the Taliban in the story is described as oppressive and dangerous. The war caused more hurt death and hardships but in the end it seemed to give hope to the people. I think the overall feel of the story is one of hope despite the loss and pain that the people endure.


Jason said...

this book sucks i almost fell asleep during the whole thing.
idk maybe its just not my kind of book. i like the war novels such as the lieutennets by w.e.b. grifen or tom clancy's teeth of the tiger

Amanda Kay said...

This is an amazing true story that teaches what it really means to be true to yourself. It will truly break your heart, but at the same time; lift your spirit. You will never look at war the same again after this.